Party Wall Matters

If a building owner is planning to renovate or extend their property, their neighbours may be entitled to a Party Wall Award. A Party Wall Award is a legal document governed by the Party Wall etc. Act 1996.

The award can include a photographic Schedule of Condition that clearly identifies the condition of the relevant property prior to building work commencing. Party Wall Awards set out a number of provisions that both the building owner and neighbour(s) should abide by whilst the works are in progress.

If the adjoining property is affected or damaged at any time during the development stage, it is the building owner’s obligation to return the adjoining property to its original condition.

As regulated Chartered Surveyors, we act as Party Wall Surveyors for building owners and adjoining owners. We can also act as the joint Party Wall Surveyor for both parties if each property owner agrees.

Listed below are the notices that can be served under the Party Wall etc. Act 1996:

Type of notice Statutory notice period
Line of junction notice 1 month (Section 1 of the Act)
Notice of adjacent excavation 1 month (Section 6 of the Act)
Party structure notice 2 months (Section 2 of the Act)

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