RICS Homebuyer Reports

The RICS Homebuyer Report is the most cost effective way to minimise the risk of future costly work when making your property purchase.

The report is a comprehensive analysis of the property that identifies any urgent or significant defects and makes recommendations to rectify them.

Our surveyor will also look at problems that may affect the current and future resale value of the property.

As well as inspecting the property inside and out, the report provides essential information on the services and the site, including the location and the amenities surrounding the property.

Furthermore, the RICS Homebuyer Report also includes a re-instatement valuation (the demolition and rebuilding cost of the property).

On completion of the report, our findings and recommendations will be highlighted and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Q. When should I choose a RICS Homebuyer Report rather than a RICS Building Survey?

  • If the property was built after the 1940’s
  • If the property has not been extended or altered
  • If the property appears to be in a good condition
  • If you are not planning to extend or alter the property


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