Land Registry Compliant Plans

If a property is to be let for longer than 7 years, it is a legal requirement to register the lease with the Land Registry. The lease must also have a Land Registry Compliant Plan that outlines the demise.

There are other reasons why you may need a Land Registry Compliant Plan, including:

  • When a property has been converted into multiple properties (flats)
  • When a piece of land is being split into two or more parts to be let (for more than 7 years)
  • When land that has never been previously registered is being sold
  • When there is a grant of any easement over registered property (unless it relates to the whole of a registered title).

For a plan to be Land Registry Compliant, it must:

  • Be drawn to scale
  • Be based on a metric scale measurement
  • Include a bar scale rule
  • Show its orientation (have a north point on the plan)
  • Have a detailed ordnance map with at least two roads labelled (location plan)
  • Have any rights of way shaded in brown

We are highly experienced in producing Land Registry Compliant Plans and can also recommend solicitors we know and trust for the conveyancing stage.