Land & Property Auctions

Selling land or property at auction is a modern, time efficient and cost effective way to release assets. It can offer a higher chance of a successful sale than other sale methods and the competitive bidding structure can attract a higher price.

Our in-depth and up to date knowledge of the auction sector means we can analyse your property, choose the best auction for you and provide all the professional advice needed to maximise the sale price.

Our auction service comes at no extra cost to you as our fees are covered by the auctioneers’ fixed rate commission and is only paid in the event of a successful sale.

Land Registry Compliant Plans

If a property is to be let for longer than 7 years, it is a legal requirement to register the lease with the Land Registry. The lease must also have a Land Registry Compliant Plan that outlines the demise.

There are other reasons why you may need a Land Registry Compliant Plan, including:

  • When a property has been converted into multiple properties (flats)
  • When a piece of land is being split into two or more parts to be let (for more than 7 years)
  • When land that has never been previously registered is being sold
  • When there is a grant of any easement over registered property (unless it relates to the whole of a registered title).

For a plan to be Land Registry Compliant, it must:

  • Be drawn to scale
  • Be based on a metric scale measurement
  • Include a bar scale rule
  • Show its orientation (have a north point on the plan)
  • Have a detailed ordnance map with at least two roads labelled (location plan)
  • Have any rights of way shaded in brown

We are highly experienced in producing Land Registry Compliant Plans and can also recommend solicitors we know and trust for the conveyancing stage.

Commercial Sales & Lettings

We can provide a complete marketing package for the letting/sale of your commercial property.

Our meticulous research inspects, measures and compares your property with recent sales and lettings in order for us to advise on the best marketing strategy for your asset.

We can then put that strategy into practice by preparing the particulars, marketing the property on live portals, conduct viewings, negotiate the sale/lease and prepare heads of terms.

Surveyline also specialise in commercial acquisitions and can provide assistance in securing your perfect asset through expert market analysis.

Once a potential purchase has been identified, we prepare appraisals and scrutinise the property, lease terms, covenants and rents so you can make an informed decision on whether to proceed with the purchase/rental.

For any advice on Commercial Sales & Lettings, please contact us for a free and independent consultation.

Rent Reviews & Lease Renewals

Rent Reviews:

When acting on behalf of a landlord or tenant, we would examine the lease and identify any terms, clauses or provisions that may affect the rental value. We would then conduct a thorough inspection of the property, take measurements and research comparable evidence for the preparation of a rental valuation.

We can negotiate the best possible new rent, either directly with the other party, or their surveyor. In a small amount of cases when an agreement cannot be reached, the matter can proceed to arbitration or 3rd party determination. If this occurs, we will be able to act on your behalf.

When acting on behalf of the landlord, we inspect the property and provide a rental valuation. We can then negotiate the best possible rent and act on the landlord’s behalf at arbitration or 3rd party determination if required.


Lease Renewals:

Towards the end of a commercial lease a landlord or tenant can serve a notice to renew with a proposed renewal rent.

We also specialise in preparing rental valuations for the purpose of a new lease. We would examine the current lease in place, inspect and measure the property, then research comparable evidence for the preparation of a rental valuation.

We can negotiate the best possible renewal rent and new lease terms with the other party, or their surveyor. If an agreement cannot be reached and the matter proceeds to PACT (Professional Arbitration on Court Terms) or court, we will be able to act your behalf.

For any advice on Rent Reviews & Lease Renewals, please contact us for a free and independent consultation.

Party Wall Matters

If a building owner is planning to renovate or extend their property, their neighbours may be entitled to a Party Wall Award. A Party Wall Award is a legal document governed by the Party Wall etc. Act 1996.

The award can include a photographic Schedule of Condition that clearly identifies the condition of the relevant property prior to building work commencing. Party Wall Awards set out a number of provisions that both the building owner and neighbour(s) should abide by whilst the works are in progress.

If the adjoining property is affected or damaged at any time during the development stage, it is the building owner’s obligation to return the adjoining property to its original condition.

As regulated Chartered Surveyors, we act as Party Wall Surveyors for building owners and adjoining owners. We can also act as the joint Party Wall Surveyor for both parties if each property owner agrees.

Listed below are the notices that can be served under the Party Wall etc. Act 1996:

Type of notice Statutory notice period
Line of junction notice 1 month (Section 1 of the Act)
Notice of adjacent excavation 1 month (Section 6 of the Act)
Party structure notice 2 months (Section 2 of the Act)

For any advice on party wall matters, please contact us for a free and independent consultation.